Welcome to SpectroGrafx Productions, Inc. Online.

Just a quick update. I am working on the new site currently. It should be online very soon. The company has undergone a major overhaul once again. Every so many years we look at what the world is doing, and we change to go with the flow. Well, that time has come and past. So, we are changing.

We will be selling some really great products. We also will be hosting some cool sites as well as some small web design and consulting work. Check back in a few days and the site should be running full force.

Take care!


Gregory D. Swagler, President/CEO


CRAIGSLIST ADS!!! - If you are interested in our designing your Craigslist ads, please contact us. We can do one time ads, daily or weekly ads, and more. Let us know your product, and how often you would like an ad posted. Our ads will grab the attention of your potential clients and increase your profits. We will not post any ad that is for any illegal product or service. Our rates are based on the frequency, number of products or services, and design work performed. We can post YOUR ad with our flare, or come up with a complete marketing campaign for you. Just tell us what you want.